Welcome to Zephyr Consulting. We are an independent and proudly Kiwi owned company specialising in the provision of business and information technology consulting services to the public and private sectors in Wellington. We are committed to the delivery of leading edge solutions and will partner with you to grow your company’s business potential.

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Case study
New Zealand Veterinary Association

"When we embarked on this strategically important project, our organisation was unfamiliar with external contracting on such a scale (and the investment we needed to make in time and money as a result). However also realised we needed expert advice and support if we were to deliver on the time frames and the benefits we all wanted. Zephyr Consulting were recommended to us. They in turn selected a senior project manager (PM) with all the skills (and some) that we needed, and a perfectly matched interpersonal style (the importance of which can never be underestimated in our view). Our PM quickly gained our trust and respect which meant we were able to make decisions (even the difficult ones) confidently and so progress the project as planned (time and money). In addition Zephyr met with us monthly to monitor progress and assist with roadblocks (which we rarely had). We have gone on to employ a second project manager for a different role from Zephyr, and have received the same professional, responsive and personable service.” “I have no hesitation in recommending Zephyr to anyone who appreciates the value gained by partnering with trusted professionals who are committed to helping organisations make a difference.”

Julie Hood, CEO

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