Are You an I or a T?

Are You an I or a T?

With personality profiling hitting the news recently, the “I” or “T” perspective seems very simple. But it does make you think about where you sit on the spectrum and whether you want to move.

In essence “I” shaped individuals have very strong capability in one or two areas of knowledge, but their skills and competence in other disciplines or the more social and collaborative areas are limited due to lack of training and experience. Although depth of experience is highly valuable, effective collaboration in disciplines like design benefit from individuals who have combined this with a range of applications in different professional environments. I-shaped people can excel in many workplaces, but typically not in those demanding high levels of collaborative working.

T-shaped professionals are characterised by their deep disciplinary knowledge in at least one area, an understanding of systems, and their ability to function as “adaptive innovators” and cross the boundaries between disciplines.

Apparently, the terms “I” shaped and “T” shaped came from McKinsey as they used it to define the type of consultants they needed. Forbes believes that both types are essential in any organisation. It is assumed that T people are better at fostering the diverse connections and conversations that bring exceptional ideas to the surface. But “I” shaped people in collaboration with “T” shaped people can provide the expertise needed to capitalise on the new ideas.

If you think you are “I” shaped and want to move to be “T” shaped, the advice is to broaden your horizons and take on an expanding range of projects. Make sure to develop those cross-project skills such as:

* Process Management

* Agile Methodologies

* Quality Assurance

* Data Management.

And finally, be open to learning more about the “soft skills” and take opportunities to build communications, collaboration and empathy capabilities.

For more information go to the TSummit Page from Michigan University

Posted on: September 25, 2018Pamela Yates