Author: Georgia Borthwick

New Graduate with Job!

New Graduate with Job!

Getting my first ‘real life’ job as a new graduate has been overwhelming. As difficult as Uni was – it did not prepare me for working life. I set myself goals of getting up before work and going to the gym – that has quickly slipped away as the reality of working full-time has set in. I am surprised by how hard it is to just keep on keeping on.

I am loving learning new things daily that I can apply to my job, acquiring knowledge and mastering skills in my new role in IT Business support, and seeing the results this produces. It is great that even though I have finished studying I continue to learn every day in my job as I gain more skills and study towards iMIS certification.

Advice for New Graduates

The best advice I can give to a new graduate – don’t rush and know your worth. Looking for work after graduating quickly becomes a desperate task. I found myself applying for jobs I had no interest in. I had to remind myself that the right job would come along. Applying for jobs after Uni is a process and I can’t recommend enough following your gut instinct and waiting it out for the right opportunity. Be yourself, employers want well rounded people who can relate to others. It’s okay not to know everything, be prepared to ask questions.

Although I am so excited to have finished studying, there are things I miss about being a student. I miss the flexibility; if I chose not to go to class the only person who was affected was me. When I’m working – if I can’t come to work then someone else has to pick up that workload, and I feel responsible for that. I also miss the holidays, but I certainly don’t miss the assignments!

It can be hard to deal with the daily demands of a job, when the pressure mounts there have been times when I have faced challenges and I am learning how to deal with this maturely and professionally. The new-found responsibility of working has quickly lead to a lot of self-improvement, having the right attitude makes all the difference.

I have loved moving into Wellington, walking to work each day and of course, having money to buy nice things.

Being one of the first one of my friends to graduate is an unusual experience. I feel very fortunate that Zephyr took a chance on me and gave me the opportunity to start my working life after Uni with them. They embraced me from the moment I accepted the job and have continued to be an incredibly supportive and generous employer.