Who is the Resource Investigator on your Team?

Who is the Resource Investigator on your Team?

Who is the Resource Investigator on your Team?

Whether your team manages a project or “business as usual” outcomes, the role of a resource investigator is something you may want to consider. It assumes, quite rightly, that the world around us continues to change and there may be new opportunities to explore and exploit which will make your team more effective or efficient. This role requires someone to make external contacts, to explore and exploit, to develop ideas and to enthuse others.

 The research of Dr. Meredith Belbin led to the development of Belbin Team Roles, nine clusters of behaviour that individuals adopt when participating in a team. One of the roles identified is that of a Resource Investigator.

Resource Investigators are natural communicators, able to establish rapport quickly, to extend the range of the team’s useful contacts and partnerships. They are best placed to go out and discover new possibilities, whether within the organisation or externally. They can then report back to the team and together they can decide whether to capitalise on new developments. Without them, the team risks stagnating – becoming too inward-looking and inefficient.

While you may be unable to appoint a dedicated Resource Investigator, it may be a role which one of your team can pick up. A Business Analyst for example who is outgoing, inquisitive, persuasive and affable would be able to take on this responsibility.

There are, of course pitfalls in the role. Resource Investigators thrive on the excitement of the new and lose enthusiasm quickly, wanting to move onto the next big thing. And if their recommendations are not robust they can waste the team’s time with some of their ideas.

But, research has demonstrated that teams with a wide range of complementary behaviours consistently outperform those that are more homogeneous when dealing with high risk complex issues. The role of the Research Investigator is one that should be included in the mix.

Mind Tools has a very good outline of the Belbin Team Roles.

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Posted on: August 6, 2018Pamela Yates