Why We Hired a New Graduate

Why We Hired a New Graduate

New Graduates, they finished Universities all around the country last November and suddenly here they are the ‘Uni Army’ of new graduates popping up on job applications at a work place near you.

New ‘grads’ (lumped in with Millennials) have been given a bad rap, branded the snowflake generation, as well as lazy and job hoppers. Marketing guru and Millennial expert Simon Sinek thinks they’re an entitled generation – struggling with unmet expectations because they have been given everything.

So why would anyone want to hire – not only a new graduate but a Millennial to boot?

We are ‘noobs’ to the world of the new grad, having never hired one before – we don’t know how this will turn out. We hadn’t considered a new grad and didn’t target our job advertisement for one. What we originally wanted was someone with several years of experience, fully trained up and ready to go; that person either didn’t exist or simply just didn’t apply. Our new grad applied anyway – on the off chance and we really liked that initiative. We were impressed that she had worked while studying, had great references and her can do attitude.

Hiring a new grad doesn’t mean they have no work experience or life skills (most have had holiday jobs, volunteered and had part-time jobs while studying). New grads/millennials are already comfortable with new technologies, are seasoned collaborators, keen and grateful, and are still in the mindset of learning.

We hope it’s a win win situation. We eventually get a great consultant, skilled in what we do – trained the way we like and they get trained with ‘up to the minute’ ‘in demand’ skills, and a fantastic work experience in a fast-moving consulting business.

We think there’s much more to the next generation of Millennials coming out of University – they seem motivated, socially aware, and tech savvy. There are no guarantees whomever you decide to employ. Sinek can worry, if he wants about what happens to them “…the instant they find out they’re not special, and their mums can’t get them a promotion”! We think their success will be directly related to the amount of support they are given.

We don’t expect to see our new grad’s mum anytime soon!

Posted on: March 6, 2018Courtnie Heissenbuttel