Are You in Love with Your Job?

Are You in Love with Your Job?

You May Love Your Job, but are You in love with Your Job

Many people fall in and out of love with their job over the course of their career. Just like a relationship – the butterflies in your stomach at the beginning, the excitement of email notifications, waking up with a smile on your face knowing that you’ll be in your happy place for the next 8 hours, you even put thought and effort into what to wear. But then time passes, the honeymoon phase wears off, and it can get a little monotonous.

How engaged are you in your current role? Ever wonder if you’re in the right place? Does it really matter?I think most of us would agree that we should find enjoyment and fulfillment in our day jobs. Doing so is very valuable.

Here are some ways to keep motivated and pursue meaning

  • Know your why

    – As the old saying goes “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” It’s so easy to forget why you do the work you do and only focus on how you do it. We place more attention on the resolution of something rather than the passion behind it. Take some time to focus on your why and discover passion for what you do.

  • Invest in your skills

    – How can you master the art of what you do? Skills are why people get hired and why people get promoted. Investing in your own skills may also mean investing in those around you. Everyone wins when companies create structures that promote knowledge sharing. If we approach our careers with a goal of upskilling and helping others, we will successfully build a community of people who have our backs, and in turn, find job satisfaction and fulfillment together.

  • Keep your work fresh and focused

    – Let’s face it, working in the same office, doing the same thing, day in day out can get boring. Be creative, challenge yourself to pursue new opportunities. Step up when the opportunity presents itself.

  • Don’t wait for permission to find meaning in your current job

    – Don’t wait for an invitation to start loving your job, make it happen yourself. Be proactive and ask your boss. If there’s a project that aligns with your purpose or something that gets you excited, do it. If there’s an initiative you want to be involved in, get involved.

The grass is greener where it’s watered

You may be thinking about leaving your current job but remember that your next job will have its own set of problems. You may not necessarily need to leave your job to create a better one. If you want to get a better job, first and foremost, take charge of your own lot. You can fall back in love the one you are with but it starts with you.

If it turns out that you are more likely to create fulfillment by pursuing a different path at another company or starting something of you own, that’s okay. Unsure which step to make before taking a leap? Perhaps you might even want to give contracting a go? Feel free to chat to us here at Zephyr to explore if becoming a contractor is right for you.

Posted on: February 15, 2017Courtnie Heissenbuttel