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Zephyr Consulting Providing Major Benefits for our Clients.

Over the past couple of months, Zephyr has helped our customers in significant ways. Below are examples of how our team have helped our clients.

Migrating to MS Teams calling – replacing old PABX 

The Managed Services team have been busy implementing Microsoft Teams Calling for one of their customers.

With increasing amounts of communication being handled these days via non-traditional methods (Teams, Zoom etc) – the customer was looking for more functionality.

In addition, the traditional “on-premise” PABX in operation was old, had none of the integration capability newer systems can provide and was also a risk from a BCP perspective (Would only work if you were in the office).

The solution was to implement Microsoft Teams calling and leveraging 2talk as the cloud PABX provider. The customer was also provided certified Plantronics Bluetooth headsets for their machines, which also allowed other user benefits (listening to online material without disrupting others, music etc).

This means the users simply need to take their laptops with them and all office functionality works regardless of whether they are in the office, or at home.

Outside all the productivity benefits the customer gained, they also saved significantly on the costs in this area. Turns out on premise equipment rental and traditional phone calling is expensive! They also have less clutter on their desks, less wires and less network complexity (their laptops previously piggy backed off their phones).

With hot-desking and working from home becoming the norm this tool is essential.

Implementing Microsoft Teams Calling is a very cost-effective solution. If you have an old PABX in the corner collecting dust and causing your company to bleed money you should consider investigating how Microsoft Teams Calling could benefit your organisation.

Find out more or give Tony Dorman our Manager, ICT Managed Services a call +64 4 473 2737.

Migrating Customers from Google’s G Suite to Office 365 

The Managed Services team have been heavily involved in migrating clients from Google’s G Suite to Microsoft Office 365.  Some of the largest motivations behind this change are;

  • Integration into Contacts
  • Email and calendars into Microsoft Teams
  • Increasing numbers of organisations that have adopted Teams as their collaboration and communication platform of choice
  • Simplifying the ICT stack
  • Dropping the quantity of Vendors

These customers typically had Microsoft Office (Word, Excel etc) purchased from Microsoft, then had Google for email and often another vendor (Dropbox or Box.com) for their file data. All 3 solutions would have a different set of credentials to access resources and none were super good at integrating into each other. If you included Multifactor authentication in each system, then that also multiplies up the complexity.

Less vendors in the mix, makes for fewer integration issues and a more reliable environment.

Further to this, no backups would typically be performed of email or file data. With everything eventually ending up in Office 365, this makes backup solutions significantly more cost effective than handling each individually.

If you have any questions regarding migrating to Office 365 or implementing Microsoft Teams Calling, please do not hesitate to give Tony Dorman, Zephyr’s Manager, ICT Managed Services a call +64 4 473 2737.

Zephyr Consulting & McDonaldsIT Merge

Zephyr Consulting and McDonaldsIT have announced the merger of their Managed Services operations.  Zephyr Consulting will acquire the McDonaldsIT Managed Services assets, people and customer contracts and the merged business will operate under the Zephyr brand.

McDonaldsIT have a very similar customer base and service offerings to Zephyr, so the fit between the organisations is very good.  Tony and Andrea McDonald have built McDonaldsIT over the last 10 years, successfully developing managed services offerings for small and medium sized businesses.  Tony is also an IT consultant, a role he wants to focus on in the future, resulting in a realignment of their organisation.

Zephyr, led by Graeme McInteer and David Joyce has been providing flexible, reliable and effective support to the New Zealand market for 10+ years. While their Managed Services team specialise in the support of IT Infrastructure, they also have Consulting, Contracting and Development & iMIS business units.  Zephyr have a growing presence in the IT marketplace with over 50 people on the team across four operating business units. 

The expanded operation will serve over 50 clients across NZ.  Graeme McInteer from Zephyr Consulting says “This merger will enable us to grow our Managed Services operation, providing a wider range of skills and services to our customers and more opportunities for our staff.