HealthCare of New Zealand Holdings (HHL Group)

Client Profile

HealthCare of New Zealand Holdings are New Zealand’s largest provider of community-based health and disability support, committed to enabling each person to enjoy greater wellbeing and quality of life, regardless of their age or of any injury, illness or disability they may have. They support more than 18,000 people nationwide and work alongside ACC, the Ministry of Health, New Zealand’s District Health Boards, many cultural organisations, and a wide range of health and social service providers.


HealthCare of New Zealand Holdings has around 650 staff located in branches around New Zealand using MS-Windows desktops and mobile phones. The environment is primarily Microsoft and highly virtualised using VMWare and Windows Server 2008 and 2012. They use a CRM package and SharePoint significantly as their major business applications.

HealthCare of New Zealand Holdings recognised that they needed external assistance for technical support on an ad-hoc basis for when their staff were assigned to project work or absent from the office for various periods of time. This left a hole in the IT services support team which needed to back-filled.

Solution: Zephyr Support

Zephyr Support systems engineers have been able to fill the gap for HealthCare of New Zealand Holdings for several months while their resource was unavailable. We supplied a senior engineer who had worked in a comparable work environment with many of the challenges that HealthCare of New Zealand Holdings were facing. Being a mix of BAU and project work, this presented Zephyr with an opportunity to supply a team approach to fulfilling their requirements, ensuring the skill level of resourcing was appropriate for each of the different pieces of work.


HealthCare of New Zealand Holdings had determined that they needed a new strategy for their Data Warehouse to take advantage of the information that they were gathering in their databases. This would allow them to look at new Business Intelligence capabilities and improved reporting.

Solution:  Consulting

Zephyr provided a data warehouse/data management consultant to lead the development of the

Data Warehouse Strategy. This was a ground up strategy development that will drive a business led, IT enabled data warehousing and BI capability.  This included the development of a Microsoft centric data warehouse architecture – including infrastructure, storage, software, logical data model and integration with SharePoint.

To accommodate funding, resource and other change projects a matrix of implementation options was developed as a pick and mix took kit for the programme manager to use over the implementation period. Our consultant also drafted an initial programme roadmap detailing dependencies and initial risks and initial cross platform high level data analysis.

The strategy work required interviews of HHL Group top level management (CE and GM’s) for both development of the strategy, elicitation of requirements and getting their buy in to the strategy.