Motor Trade Association (MTA)

Client Profile

The Motor Trade Association (MTA) has been operating in New Zealand for nearly 100 years. It represents almost 4,000 members over the entire motor industry.


As the majority of its servers neared end-of-life, MTA decided to seek the best way forward for its server infrastructure from its IT Managed Services provider, Zephyr Support.

Solution – Zephyr Support

With four ageing servers and one server, which was only 12 months old, the decision was clear – virtualisation was the most cost-effective way to removing the older servers and making the most of the benefits of virtualisation. For the MTA, this was mainly the much lower hardware outlay (Zephyr merely added more ram and hard disks to the newest server) and ease of backups/restorations of servers.

Zephyr Support endeavored to carry out all work after hours and on weekends to minimise the impact on normal business activity.
“Basically we came in one Monday and nearly everything was done, including a new intranet and new mail server. It was a pleasure to have Zephyr Support carry out the upgrade process,” said Kaetrin Stephenson, MTA’s Chief Financial Officer.

As part of the upgrade process, Zephyr Support had to remove Small Business Server 2011 (as MTA had outgrown its license limitations) and split that operating system into Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft Exchange 2013.
Kaetrin sums up the experience nicely, “We would not hesitate to use Zephyr Support to go through such a process again. Their engineers are fantastic and their service is outstanding.”

MTA is now looking to replicate is servers to a Zephyr Host server in a datacentre in another city as part of their BCP/DR planning. Using the offsite replication feature under Microsoft Windows Server 2012 easily allows this, without having to purchase extra licenses.

For MTA and many other organisations, server virtualisation gives far more advantages than having one server per role required. Please contact the Support Manager for more information.