New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA)

Client Profile

New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) is the collective voice of New Zealand’s veterinary profession. It is a not-for-profit organisation established to help, inform and represent veterinarians throughout New Zealand. Its aim is to provide a central service to support its members in their careers and promote professionalism within the industry.

NZVA represents a united profession, respected and recognised in New Zealand and internationally. NZVA is taking a leading role in challenging the status quo and working with key stakeholders to ensure the veterinary profession in New Zealand remains relevant to our society and livestock industries.

Organisational Change

NZVA had a strategy to define and align a number of business and support functions across its national office, regional and special interest branches. , in order to gain efficiencies, work more effectively and minimize organisational risk.  The strategy involved engaging with the branch representatives (all of whom work in volunteer roles for the Association) in a way that gained their trust and cooperation to make what were some fundamental and important changes to the way everyone worked. The Realignment Programme (RAP) – as it was called – provided the framework for this strategically critical work, and had a two year time frame for implementation. RAP included changes in governance, financial management, reporting, investment management, planning and budgeting and on-going training for the branch members (veterinarians) Vets and national office staff.

Solution: Zephyr Consulting

In order to bring about these changes, Zephyr Consulting was challenged to provide NZVA with Programme Management services for the duration of the programme to ensure a smooth and targeted delivery programme. Our Programme Manager was the right hand person for all facets of the development and implementation phases, providing guidance, advice, project management and reporting while working together with the CEO and senior management.

This programme has been extremely successful and has been completed within the time frames and under budget. An excellent working relationship and partnership all around.