Identify Verification Made Simple with VoID

Identify Verification Made Simple with VoID

At Zephyr, we love solving problems that our clients have. Recently a client of ours approached us with a problem of how we could incorporate an identity verification of the user during the registration process within their iMIS Cloud application.

Currently, when a user gets to the identity verification process, they would have to upload documents like Passports, Drivers Licences or Birth Certificates to verify their identity and the organisation would then need to check these documents to confirm that the user is who they say they are. This process would extend the time it would take to register a user and the organisation would then have to store the identity documents within their systems. Identity documents are considered ‘gold’ to cybercriminals and could put a large target on their back as they would be worth a lot of money on the DarkWeb.

To solve this problem the development team at Zephyr have created an application called VoID (Verification of Identity).

VoID is essentially a ‘bridge’ between iMIS Cloud and RealMe. In non-technical terms, VoID is basically a translator as RealMe and iMIS Cloud are written in different languages. For the verification of identity to work the information needs to be read in a language that both iMIS Cloud and RealMe can understand.

By creating this ‘bridge’ between iMIS Cloud and RealMe it means users can complete the registration process immediately online, removing the ‘pause’ in the registration process. It also eliminates the need and risk of storing identity documents within the organisation’s systems.

If you have a spare 5 minutes and would like to watch a short presentation about VoID that was shown at the NiUG Asia Pacific 2020 Virtual Discovery Conference watch this video below, you are guaranteed to laugh!

If you are in the same boat as our client and need to verify a person identity using iMIS Cloud, please feel free to contact Dempsey Woodley on how VoID could help your organisation with the identity verification process.

Posted on: November 24, 2020Courtnie Heissenbuttel