iMIS support the Royal NZ College of General Practitioners

iMIS support the Royal NZ College of General Practitioners

As soon as COVID-19 hit New Zealand’s shores the Royal NZ college of GP’s website became overloaded with information in response to COVID-19 questions from GPs. With the necessity to get timely and accurate information regarding government policies and procedures to GPs, it became obvious to the Zephyr team that the current website was not providing the best platform and that easy access to COVID-19 guidance could be given through a separate website.

In collaboration with College staff, the Zephyr iMIS team created an iMIS website within a week. The website began with an “out of the box” template. College branding, fonts and colour palette were introduced to the site followed by the relevant content.

iMIS is a very flexible and powerful tool that allows responsive microsites to be created very quickly. We were very happy to be given the opportunity to combine iMIS and our expertise and collaborate with College staff in a project that contributed in a small way to New Zealand’s COVID-19 response.

Posted on: May 28, 2020Courtnie Heissenbuttel