Secure Contact Tracing …CheckMeIn.LIVE

Secure Contact Tracing …CheckMeIn.LIVE

Do you need to create a record of everyone who visits your business for the purpose of contract tracing to combat Covid19? You’re not alone. At Zephyr Consulting Ltd, we realised we would need to as well.

We collaborated with a couple of superstar local web developers and developed CheckMeIn.LIVE

CheckMeIn.LIVE has been developed outside working hours in a suburb in Wellington during Lockdown. How much more local than that can you get?

What started as a fun, collaborative little side hustle for our own business, has become a really useful tool that other businesses are also finding useful for Contract Tracing purposes.

 CheckMeIn.LIVE is a web-based system that uses QR codes to create a Contact Tracing Register which means there is no need to download an app. Because CheckMeIn.LIVE is web-based, this also means you can check in/out from any device and all your data is held securely in one place.

Now – being an IT Company, security is very important to us, so we use “best in class” specialist third parties to handle Authentication and Payments. This means our users billing details and passwords are never seen by our system. Because of this, customers can be assured their information is secure. There are costs associated with using these third parties, but we think security is worth the investment!

CheckMeIn.LIVE captures peoples check in details and check out details in line with Government recommendations. The basic premise of the application is that people can scan a QR Code using their smart phone camera which will take them to a website that will automatically Check them into, and out of a location and thereby provide the business with a contact tracing register should it be required. CheckMeIn.LIVE also gives the business (or Place) owner the ability to check people out if they have forgotten to do this themselves.

More details can be found at https://www.checkmein.live where you can give it a go with our demonstration system.

Contact [email protected] If you have any queries, or require any further information.

Posted on: May 12, 2020Graeme McInteer,