Your phone system is costing you

Do you have a PABX system?

If you do, it is likely that it is just sitting in the corner bleeding money from your company. Did you know that Zephyr can substantially reduce your monthly telecommunications bill?  We have done this by implementing Microsoft Teams Calling which is a cost-effective phone solution.

The Managed Services team have been busy implementing Microsoft Teams Calling for their customers.

With increasing amounts of communication being handled via non-traditional methods (Teams, Zoom, etc) – customers are looking for more functionality.

The traditional “on premise” PABX equipment is old, has none of the integration capability newer systems can provide and is a risk from a BCP perspective (Only works if you are in the office).

The solution is to implement Microsoft Teams calling and leveraging 2talk as a cloud PABX provider. We recommend providing certified Plantronics Bluetooth headsets for each user, which also allows other user benefits (listening to online material without disrupting others, music etc).

This means that users simply take their laptops with them and all office functionality works regardless of whether they are in the office, or at home.

Outside all the productivity benefits the customer gains, they also save significantly on the costs in this area. As you’ll know on-premise equipment rental and traditional phone calling is expensive! Customers now have less clutter on their desks, less wires and less network complexity.

With hot-desking and working from home becoming the norm this tool is essential.

Implementing Microsoft Teams Calling is a very cost-effective solution. If you have an old PABX in the corner collecting dust and causing your company to bleed money you should consider investigating how Microsoft Teams Calling could benefit your organisation.  

Do you want to find out how implementing Microsoft Teams Calling could benefit your organisation? Either fill out the form below or give Tony Dorman (Zephyr’s Manager, ICT Managed Services) a call +64 4 473 2737