working from home

Working from Home

We hope this short collection of links will help you through the experience of working from home. It’s important to note that remote working is improved when the people doing the work feel as good as they can, in the circumstances they are in.

The Technology and Physical Environment
While we are sure that your employer has provided you with guidance and support on what technology you need to work at home successfully, there are some priorities that we think you should consider. Firstly, if you are used to using a monitor at work, you should have one at home too. The monitor along with and ergonomic keyboard will improve your productivity and make working from home much easier. As for the office chair, by the time you read this you may not be able to go out and get a chair and are now reliant on a dining room chair and table. This is a good article on how to make this environment as comfortable as possible using things you have at home.

Managing your Day
The first advice from Buzzfeed is “Get out of your pyjamas and dress for the day”. Reasonably important if you have a 9.00am Facetime appointment with the Boss. This site also has some good advice about structuring your day, creating a workspace and signing off at the end of your workday. I like the one about putting on your work shoes, somehow it makes the work environment more real!
The Buzzfeed blog is informative and fun.

Managing the children while Working
The New York Times have an interesting article on working from home with children. This was written in 2019, did they have forewarning we would all be working from home in 2020?
There are also many on-line options from setting boundaries, difficult for a three-year-old! Then making sure you are blocking out the noise. Children are naturally noisy and telling them to be quiet every ten minutes is never going to work.

Managing Stress
Working in the office is sometimes very stressful, so often we think it will be easier to work at home. Sorry, but for some the stress of working from home, can make the office seem like a dream. From 7-minute workouts to meditation, these apps may help make work life at home a little easier.
Computerworld article.