Manny Singh

Manny Singh

Manny (Manpreet) is our Computer Network and Systems Engineer; he has a diploma in Computer Networks from Wellington Institute of Technology and is a Certified Microsoft 365 and Azure Professional.

Manny enjoys going the extra mile for his clients and enjoys the challenges that are given to him. He is people person and enjoys working collaboratively to achieve team goals while working on his personal goals. Manny has a can-do attitude. He has worked with a wide range of technologies from Microsoft Office365, Azure PowerShell and Citrix

Manny is a D.I.Y person. No job is too small. He has done D.I.Y projects from painting to building and enjoys the challenges that come with DIY projects.

In his spare time, you will find Manny relaxing with his cat (Lyric), doing work in the garden or playing games on his PC. He likes to try international food that Wellington has to offer and going out for long drives.

Posted on: June 1, 2022Courtnie Heissenbuttel