Zephyr Consulting & McDonaldsIT Merge

Zephyr Consulting & McDonaldsIT Merge

Zephyr Consulting and McDonaldsIT have announced the merger of their Managed Services operations.  Zephyr Consulting will acquire the McDonaldsIT Managed Services assets, people and customer contracts and the merged business will operate under the Zephyr brand.

McDonaldsIT have a very similar customer base and service offerings to Zephyr, so the fit between the organisations is very good.  Tony and Andrea McDonald have built McDonaldsIT over the last 10 years, successfully developing managed services offerings for small and medium sized businesses.  Tony is also an IT consultant, a role he wants to focus on in the future, resulting in a realignment of their organisation.

Zephyr, led by Graeme McInteer and David Joyce has been providing flexible, reliable and effective support to the New Zealand market for 10+ years. While their Managed Services team specialise in the support of IT Infrastructure, they also have Consulting, Contracting and Development & iMIS business units.  Zephyr have a growing presence in the IT marketplace with over 50 people on the team across four operating business units. 

The expanded operation will serve over 50 clients across NZ.  Graeme McInteer from Zephyr Consulting says “This merger will enable us to grow our Managed Services operation, providing a wider range of skills and services to our customers and more opportunities for our staff.

Posted on: December 2, 2019Systems Support