Welcome to Zephyr Consulting
Growing Business Potential
Proudly Kiwi and independent
Welcome to Zephyr Consulting
Growing business potential
Proudly Kiwi & independent

Zephyr Growing Business Potential

Welcome to Zephyr Consulting. We are an independent and proudly Kiwi owned company specialising in the provision of business and information technology consulting services to the public and private sectors in Wellington. We are committed to the delivery of leading edge solutions and will partner with you to grow your company’s business potential.

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iMIS support the Royal NZ College of General Practitioners

iMIS support the Royal NZ College of General Practitioners

COVID-19 hist New Zealand’s shores and overwhelms the Royal NZ college of GP's website - Zephyr iMIS team rebuilds out of box website for them.

Since New Zealand moved to Covid-19 Alert Level 2, Zephyr has been putting systems and processes in place for moving back to our Willis Street offices. We’re happy to say most staff are now back working as normal. We do have a small number of staff that have remained working from home to suit their personal circumstances, but are available via MS Teams and Zoom when you need them.

If you visit our offices we are using the  checkmeinlive application to maintain a contact tracing register and ask that you scan the QR code on entry. You can save time and create your account now click here  or it will ask you to Sign Up when you first scan a QR code. Once your account is created, simply scan the QR Code to check in and out of the office.

If you need any help with setting up your account, please do not hesitate to ask any of the team.

Graeme McInteer, Director: graeme.mcinteer@zephyr.co.nz or021 403352
David Joyce, Director: david.joyce@zephyr.co.nz or 021 417618

Brent Gerrard, Business Development Manager: brent.gerrard@zephyr.co.nz  or 021 725060
Dempsey Woodley, iMIS & Development Manager: dempsey.woodley@zephyr.co.nz or 027 4244362
Tony Dorman, ICT Managed Services Manager:  tony.dorman@zephyr.co.nz, or 027 4381370
Anna Collie, Administration Manage: anna.collie@zephyr.co.nz, or 021 67480
Debbie Wheeler, Account Manager: debbie.wheeler@zephyr.co.nz  or 021 2806001
Louise Laurenson, Account Manager: louise.laurenson@zephyr.co.nz, or  021 446729