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Zephyr Consulting
Growing Business Potential

We are an independent and proudly Kiwi-owned company specialising in the provision of business and information technology consulting resources and services to the public and private sectors in Wellington. We are committed to the delivery of leading-edge solutions and will partner with you to grow your organisation's business potential.


Zephyr Consulting offers a comprehensive range of IT and business consulting services in Wellington and across New Zealand. Services include the provision of:

  • consulting and contract resources

  • technical support of IT infrastructure (Managed Technology Services)

  • implementation/support of the iMIS application (management software for Associations, Regulatory Authorities & Charities)

We're here to help maximise our client’s investment in new technologies and existing legacy systems. Please feel free to contact us regarding any aspect of our service.



Zephyr Press

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The Zephyr Press is a great way to get a glimpse of the Zephyr life if you are thinking about working with us, and the newsletter provides articles that contain beneficial tips and advice targeted at the contracting roles Zephyr services.

Tech Chronicle

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Weekly Tech Tips

Looking to learn about hidden Window features and protect yourself and your company from cyber threats? Our FREE weekly Tech Tips provide invaluable tips, tricks and cybersecurity advice that can help you stay informed, proactive and use your technology efficiently. Sign up now to receive our Tech Tips once a week!

Download The top 10 mistakes smaller organisations make in IT

Top 10 Mistakes Smaller Organisations Make in IT
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