Welcome to Zephyr Consulting
Growing Business Potential
Proudly Kiwi and independent
Welcome to Zephyr Consulting
Growing business potential
Proudly Kiwi & independent

Zephyr Growing Business Potential

Welcome to Zephyr Consulting. We are an independent and proudly Kiwi owned company specialising in the provision of business and information technology consulting services to the public and private sectors in Wellington. We are committed to the delivery of leading edge solutions and will partner with you to grow your company’s business potential.

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Why We Hired a New Graduate

Why We Hired a New Graduate

They finished Universities all around the country last November and suddenly here they are the ‘Uni Army’ of new graduates popping up on job applications at a work place near you. New graduates (lumped in with Millennials) have been given a bad rap, branded the snowflake generation, as well as lazy and job hoppers.