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Corey Saunders

Computer Network & Systems Engineer

Before joining Zephyr, Corey has been on a diverse journey, wearing various hats, from mechanical roles to leadership positions, accumulating nearly a decade of experience in the retail sector. Corey's professional journey has provided him with a versatile skill set, uniquely attuned to understanding client needs. His expertise extends beyond retail, with knowledge of Information Technology, driven by an appetite for learning new and existing technologies within the ever-evolving IT landscape.

Beyond his professional life, you'll often find him making masterpieces in the kitchen or immersing himself in video games in his leisure time. His adventurous spirit finds him outdoors, where he enjoys camping and the thrill of the open road. An automotive enthusiast, Corey embraces opportunities to attend events and embark on road trips.

Corey Saunders

028 2553 5646

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