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Kiera McKechnie

Computer Network & Systems Engineer

Kiera is a skilled computer network and systems engineer. Since joining Zephyr in 2022, she has delved right into her work and has been employed by some of our clients to be their on-site IT personnel.

Before working at Zephyr, Kiera held diverse roles, ranging from assisting in open homes and telemarketing to working as a business design assistant while pursuing her degree. These experiences have equipped her with a variety of skills that allow her to understand our client's needs. Coupled with her extensive IT knowledge, she can effectively communicate with clients and provide solutions to their challenges while improving their IT systems.

In her free time, Kiera enjoys exploring the food and drink culture in Wellington, staying active and planning her next overseas trip!

- Design Innovation and a double major in Media Design - March 2022

Kiera McKechnie

022 549 6650

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