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Develop a Cloud-Smart Strategy for Your Business

This checklist will guide you through the key steps to develop a cloud-smart strategy, ensuring you reap the benefits of the cloud without the pitfalls of a rushed migration.

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Define Your Cloud Goals

  • What are your top 3 business objectives for using the cloud? (e.g., cost reduction, agility, scalability)

  • How will the cloud help you achieve these goals?

Identify Workload Candidates

  • List your current applications and workloads.

  • For each workload, consider:

  • Security requirements (can sensitive data move to the cloud?)

  • Performance needs (does it require constant, local resource availability?)

Choose Your Cloud Architecture

  • Evaluate your options: single public cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid cloud.

  • Consider factors like:

  • Flexibility and control needs

  • Existing infrastructure

  • Vendor lock-in concerns

Feeling overwhelmed by this step? Cloud solutions come in various flavours (single-public cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud), and choosing the right one is crucial. Zephyr Consulting's Azure-certified engineers can conduct a thorough cloud readiness assessment to understand your needs and recommend the optimal architecture for your business.

Invest in Cloud Skills

  • Assess your IT team's cloud expertise.

  • Develop a plan to upskill your team through:

  • Cloud certifications

  • Training workshops

Track and Optimise Cloud Costs

  • Set up granular cloud cost tracking.

  • Compare cloud costs to on-premises costs for each workload.

  • Look for optimisation opportunities:

  • Right-sizing and autoscaling instances

  • Spot VMs, Reserved Instances, and usage discounts

Don't let cloud cost management become a headache. Zephyr Consulting's cloud experts can help you set up granular cost tracking, identify optimisation opportunities (right-sizing instances, utilising spot VMs, etc.), and ensure you get the most out of your cloud investment.

Plan for Repatriation

  • Develop a process for identifying workloads that may be better suited for on-premises environments.

  • Establish a strategy for migrating workloads back on-premises if needed.

Bonus Tip: Conduct a cloud readiness assessment before migration...

By following these steps and partnering with Zephyr Consulting, you can develop a cloud-smart strategy that leverages the power of the cloud while minimising risks and maximising benefits.


Ready to unlock the cloud's potential for your business? Contact Zephyr Consulting's Technology Services Manager, Jonathan Tay, today to discuss your cloud migration requirements and how our Azure expertise can help you achieve your business goals.


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